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Healthy Snacks

Providing you various alternative replacement options for your snack drawer  Summertime is for snacking – whether you’re roasting s’mores, having a BBQ with friends, or making pies with seasonal berries, so many summer activities include treats. Finishing the whole bag of candy or chips, the pint of ice cream or bar of chocolate in one sitting typically ends up happening, especially when we are stressed out. Whether or not you are able to find self-control, snacking can be delicious and guilt-free if you make good choices at the grocery store. Here are some of our favourite options:   Candy: The main reason candy is deemed unhealthy is due to the excess sugar added. In a traditional bag of candy, there’s typically 32 grams of added sugar which exceeds the recommended daily intake. Consuming processed sweets raises your blood sugar and insulin levels more rapidly, which over time can cause damage to many different arteries in your body. Alternative options, utilizing natural sweeteners and plant-based ingredients while still managing to taste like traditional candy, are the way to go. Companies have provided us with many options, possessing just 3 grams of sugar per bag while maintaining a gluten-free, no GMO, and high fibre base ingredient list. Some of our favourite alternatives include Yumybear and Smart Sweets.      Chips: The high sodium content added in chips is the main reason excessive chip intake is harmful to your body. There is a teaspoon of salt in every handful of potato chips. This is dehydrating, holds extra fluid in our bodies, and increases blood pressure. Other impacts of excess sodium include ​​stroke, heart failure, osteoporosis, stomach cancer and kidney disease. Luckily there are some delicious low sodium options, including Barbara’s – Cheez Puffs, Snacks From The Sun, or Popped Potato Chips – these options use high-quality, natural flavours and are lower in sodium.     Ice Cream: The added dairy in ice cream is what typically limits most from indulging in this delicious treat as well as the added fat and sugar contents; however, the various plant-based options solve this issue. Using no artificial colours or flavours while still maintaining the smooth, creamy texture desired for ice cream, it’s hard to believe they’re made without dairy. Next time you’re craving a scoop, treat yourself to the whole pint with Say Hello Sweets, Umaluma, and Dream Pops.  The many healthy snacks options are not far from being your go-to replacement next time you’re having a craving; these won’t leave you feeling guilty when you finish the entire bag, pint or bar in one sitting.