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Modern Wellness Bar

Key - To Life - Chocolate Maple Hazelnut - Single

  • KEY-TO-LIFE bar provides you baked brownie treats. ENJOY THE PERFECT COMBINATION and PAIRING NATURAL INGREDIENTS for a sweet, but low sugar protein packed snack. Our chewy bars are great. TRY IT NOW!
  • TRY Delicious NATERA KET-O BAR - Get energy-packed bite and crunch into a delicious combination of flavors that are designed to satisfy your sweet tooth with all-natural ingredient. This protein bar contains SUPER FOOD.
  • LOW NET-CARBS and ONLY 1 GRAM SUGAR: Our hemp snacks contain a healthy serving of fiber and a low-net carb content. Each bar is sweetened naturally with xylitol.
  • OPTIMAL MACRONUTRIENTS IN this ENERGY BAR - our hemp protein bars are specifically formulated with Canadian plant based ingredients to meet your needs.
  • GREAT ON-THE-GO SNACK and PERFECT FOR OFFICER WORKERS - these snacks can be enjoyed as a dessert treat. Many peole love Natera as a convenient on-the-go breakfast and snack AMAZING BROWNIE TEXTURE

Key - To Life - Chocolate Maple Hazelnut - Single